About Pestpoint

Every day, people working in the agricultural sector need to identify plant pests in order to make decisions about how to manage those pests. Many pests are difficult to identify and those who find them are often a long way from the experts who can help with identification. The longer it takes to identify a pest the more damage it is likely to cause. In the case of exotic and regulated plant pests, delays in identification can affect our ability to eradicate or contain the pest.

Pestpoint harnesses the power of social media for pest identification. It provides a web-space where an on-line community can create their own exclusive networks in which members collaborate with each other to identify damaging plant pests. By using mobile devices to share pest images and other information, individuals draw on the collective knowledge of their networks to identify pests. Pestpoint documents this process and saves pest records in a searchable database.

Pestpoint is an initiative of the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (PBCRC) which acknowledges the role that digital systems can play in helping to manage agricultural pests and safeguard our industries.

Pestpoint was created by Melbourne Made Apps Pty Ltd

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